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Mound Builders

Continuing our quest, I will present some examples of buildings in the American continent where the sacred character of the universe, represented nearly in all cases by the so-called triple druid precinct form, is perhaps still more emphasized than in the Old World.

In this connection, the following information appeared about a year ago in a forum including the impressive photo, shown below, of a great burial mound built in ancient times on the Eastern territory of the United States. 

"The ancestors of these people [i.e. those living on the Eastern territory of the United States] were called Mound Builders. They lived there from about 1000 B.C. to A.D. 700, a very long time ago. They built huge mounds that were as high as a ten story building. The mounds were used for temples and as burial sites."


This large, beautiful edification does not certainly look like it was only 
used for burial and ceremonial purposes as the "experts" say.

What was most important to me about the information I read is that it reaffirmed one of my most strong beliefs: namely, that it is respect of tradition alone which enables civilizations to get through all kinds of calamities over the ages, and that it is only those societies which have kept a traditional view of the world by respecting their ancestor's lore and wisdom which, so to speak, will "inherit the Earth." Unfortunately, the primordial tradition has an almost null presence on our current world and lives.


One of the things that caught my eye from the start was the mound’s great similarity with many ancient buildings from both the Old and the New World. I had actually seen this kind of Native American buildings on magazines, but had no idea of their great size. The note said they were used for temples and as burial sites, but if they really were so similar to all other ancient buildings from other times and places, and were built in keeping with the sacred traditional science, the uses they were intended to must have been very similar - in fact, identical.


Thus among other possible uses these mounds could very likely be intended as observatories, and most particularly as schools where such sciences as astronomy and cosmology would be taught.


One of the methods used for teaching astronomy were small, individual circular pools filled with crystalline water were the stars from the sky could reflect. They were built on courtyards or at the top of such structures as mounds and "huacas" (see below). In this way, at a minimal cost and simply watching an image which was multiplied at all such observatories during the clear nights, all students could follow the movements of the stars and other celestial bodies. No need to watch television there.


I have not invented this; such simple devices have been proved to exist from remote times in Mohenho Daro and Harappa in ancient India, in old Sumer in Mesopotamia, etcetera; and I have personally seen the likes of them atop a huaca of the Lima culture (a "huaca" is a building very similar to the mound above) very close to my own house in Miraflores, where I live (there are hundreds, if not thousands ofhuacas from different cultures in my country). These devices were not circular like the ones from Asiabut square, but I am pretty sure they could serve to no other purpose than this.

Availing myself of Myrna’s feedback, I followed a couple of her links. They took me to other links, which led me to some really curious and fascinating information about other sites and peoples includingtraditions about giants who might have been among the ancestors of the Native American peoples in the area.

One of the most interesting information I got was about the Great Serpent Mound, a huge ancient construction located in Ohio and the Eastern United States that some of you maybe know about. There is a lot of information at with many articles by Ross Hamilton and Patricia Mason ("The Serpent Mound Mysteries"). 




Aerial view of the Serpent Mound showing its proximity to 
Brush Creek © 2000 William F. Romain


According to a Reverend Landon West, the Serpent Mound in Ohio was built by God. This may be an exaggeration, but it certainly is incredible how whoever it was the people that built it could be so advanced and inspired as to do it around the most sophisticated astronomical data. Also, the extent of their knowledge and human resources was so huge that in spite of the magnitude of the construction, they incorporated such sophisticated information as the lunar alignments and those of the solstices and equinoxes into the mound and the road to it which, by the way, together make a figure very much like the Constellation Draco. 


Lunar Alignments at the Serpent Mound


Solar Alignments at the Serpent Mound


The pictures above are from the site I have just mentioned. The information that follows I have taken from the Free


"The star pattern of this asterism of Draconis fitting with remarkable precision to the Serpent Mound map is demonstrated in such a manner as to date the design of the serpent to a considerably earlier time, i.e. the highest position of the ancient north star, Draconis-alpha (Thuban). This chronology is formulated through observing the law of precession and the position of the pole star Thuban (which preceded the present pole star Polaris) placed at the geometrical center of the star layout underscoring the serpent form, viz. beneath the seventh coil from the spiral tailing.


An image of this and other astronomical information regarding the Great Serpent Mound is available through this link:

According to this information, the people who built the Serpent Mound could date back to 3000 BC! If so, they were as ancient as the builders of the great pyramids in Egypt, of the first ziggurats to be built in Mesopotamia, and of the recently discovered city of Caral, the oldest civilization in the Americas, in Peru, my country (see and the video below). In terms of the traditional lore, those people could have received an important amount of their sacred knowledge from the primordial tradition itself, as it is only in the course of this last present age, the Age of Kali, that what little knowledge was left from previous ages has finally become lost.



To conclude with these few observations, I would like to add some reflections concerning the sacred character of the almost omnipresent triple precinct. In this regard, you may remember what I said in my last article (see here):


"The crux of all symbolism lies in the multiplicity of meanings it can convey, and the depth and usefulness of a particular symbol as a support in the teaching of the doctrine is directly associated to that multiplicity. [...] What matters in this specific case is conveying the idea of a supreme center from which the doctrine radiates to the outer world or worlds, and the multiple analogies and correspondences of which such symbolic representation is susceptible can only be enhanced by such magnification." 


Now you may ask, what does this have to do with the triple precinct form? Among the multiplicity of meanings it conveys, there is one that comes to mind which applies both to a micro-cosmic and a macro-cosmic level. On the former, micro-cosmic level, other than the vertical sense, that of the chakras, there is the horizontal sense where it is the whole human body that is represented from its center - with the heart as the seat of the soul - to its periphery - the skin and hair, the grossest part of it. On the latter, macro-cosmic level, other than the vertical sense - that of the higher and the lower worlds of the ancient traditions - it is the whole universe that is represented, with the heart of God at its center, radiating love and life out to every nook and corner of the material world where we live.


In my next articles I will try to further define, based of the traces left by the most ancient civilizations, what the primordial religion was exactly, as well as draw as many valid conclusions as possible as to what a cosmic religion should be in the face of an upcoming New, Golden Age.

Thank you,


Luis Miguel Goitizolo



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More recently, after some years as a networker promoting a variety of programs, I decided to translate my book into English, a task that was successfully completed a few months ago. And over the past few weeks and months I have been publishing excerpts of this translation, as well as other original articles in English that also deal with similar topics, on various online media of the United States and other countries.


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