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'Eye of Horus' and the 'All Seeing Eye'

Is there a person in the world that has not heard about the Eye of Horus, that fascinating Egyptian symbol? Well, only the unlearned have not. And of course, many will identify it with the image of the “All Seeing Eye” atop the thirteen-level pyramid on the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States, which in addition has been distinctive of the American dollar bill for many years.

The All Seeing Eye on the American dollar bill

Recently, my attention was caught by an article dealing with the arcane meaning of this most ancient, mysterious symbol and its relation with the above-mentioned Great Seal - the one “that will be opened and whose secrets will be spread before the nations in these, the last days.” And not because its alleged meaning was definitive - which, in my opinion, was not - but because there are certain interpretations that make you think whether all you have previously learnt about something is real - and this one seemed to be one of them.


The 'Eye of Horus' in ancient Egypt

The fact is, although the Eye of Horus evokes multiple images it the viewer’s mind, nearly all Egyptologists and experts in symbolism will tell you it mainly represents the Egyptian god Ra, the Sun, in its role as the “All Seeing Eye.” But there is in all this an additional all-important fact, and one to most especially be taken into account by the serious researcher into the New Age conception as it entails a serious risk for the future of humanity: namely, the proven relation between the eye, the Great Seal, and the so-called “New World Order,” the Illuminati’s plan to shortly put into effect their sinister rule over our entire planet.

Official rendering of the reverse of the 'Great Seal'

That the above-mentioned relation has by now been sufficiently proven can be seen in a fascinating article by Terry Melanson here. There is another article not as meticulous but equally interesting here. Finally, I recommend an excellent article about the Illuminati conspiracy in two parts also by Terry Melanson, here.)

Now, why should such an ancient, sacred symbol as the Eye of Horus be used by such a tenebrous organization after so long? We must remember Horus is said to be perhaps the earliest and most important god of ancient Egypt, probably belonging to pre-historic times, and a very likely prefiguration of the biblical Jehovah of Judaism and the omnipotent Father God of Christianity - a likeness stressed by the well-known, similar symbol of an All Seeing Eye inserted on a triangle representing Him.

The 'Eye of God' in Supper at Emmaus (1525) by Jacopo Pontormo

And if the Eye of Horus is as ancient as that, then it must have been known as early as approximately 12,000 years ago, shortly after the biblical Flood inundated the Earth provoking, among other catastrophic effects, the sinking of Atlantis.

In my opinion, this symbol of the Eye of Horus, or more exactly a prefiguration of it, is actually much older: it would belong to a time, some 30,000 years ago, when the original Satya yuga or Golden Age of the present Manvantara, the Hindu measure of time denoting a full cycle of humanity, had ended, and humans were painfully starting on the path of material progress - but, on the other hand, actually descending in their spiritual lore. One of the few things that they kept of this lore was the simple, yet profound symbol of God as the All-Seeing Eye: a circle with a dot in its center, which later on would represent the Sun as yet another image of a Supreme God as the center of the world and the nurturer of all life in it.


The circle-and-dot symbol representing 
the world with God at its center

In this way, with the gradual reversal of the import and meaning of this beautiful symbol over the succeeding ages, one of the most appalling consequences of the also gradual deterioration brought about by time would be evidenced in the fact that what essentially was seen as good in the beginning of a full human cycle, would inexorably become evil toward the end of it, and vice versa - something actually experienced nowadays with every aspect of life in our planet.

However, the real in-depth connotations of this most ancient and arcane symbol are quite another story that I hope to touch in a future article.

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