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More About Year 2012

Regarding year 2012, I have been asked a few questions that I will try to answer now.

The “70 year spread”, that is the time span between 2012 and 2082, the ending date of the present Kali Yuga according to my first estimation, is just conjectural; I am not sure about it and I may be all wrong. The fact is, I had previously calculated the Kali Yuga would end in 2082, and then I saw that starting from a certain date, it all fitted better if the end actually was 72 years earlier (72 years being a degree of the cycle of precession of the equinoxes), in 2010 or 2012; which is why such dates as 455 AD – a year of decisive events like the sack of Rome by the barbarian Genseric, which ultimately put an end to the Roman civilization – and 1492 AD – the year that literally got a new era started with the discovery of America by Columbus – as starting dates of the third and fourth phases of the present Kali Yuga respectively, became much more relevant than the “normal” dates 527 AD and 1564 AD within my previous calculation.

That first calculation was based on my discovery, at a certain point in my investigation, that absolutely ALL cycles, of whatever nature, could be regarded as small-scale reflections of the key Hindu cycle or maha-yuga (which is like the matrix that contains them all), therefore also having four descending partial ages whose lengths, as with the maha-yuga itself, are all proportional to the scale 4 + 3 + 2 + 1 = 10. This not only helped me bring to light key dates in history to confirm my theory, but also made me conclude that within the present Kali Yuga, which is the last age or yuga within the current maha-yuga, we are now in what can very properly be called “the kali-yuga of the present Kali Yuga”, a period of time of little more than five hundred years, extremely rich in historical events and great material achievements but which unfortunately, precisely by reason of their being only material, would appear to be dragging us towards disaster at an ever increasing speed.

So what is said by some about there being an open window or “opportunity to have something happen between 2012 and 2082, such as what we are calling our Ascension, the shift from the 3rd through the 4th and into the 5th Dimension” is, IF I am not wrong in my estimations, perfectly possible; but in this case it would be just as possible that such opportunity may happen, say, from 2010 to 2012 as final date of the current Manvantara (the whole cycle of the present mankind), with the new Golden Age automatically starting earlier, i.e. at that very same moment; all of which in fact is known by the Hindu scriptures as an “overlapping” of yugas.

What is said about Lemuria and Atlantis is also right, as there is every reason to believe the two of them were parent civilizations to the present mankind. But there is more to it than can be said right now, as there also is the Hyperboreas to be accounted for (by the way, there is an interesting article about it at But I am afraid there is not enough space to deal with it all and I would rather like to refer now to the so-called Planet X, about which so much talk has there recently been precisely with regard to the efervescence caused by the closeness of 2012 and more specifically to the Winter Solstice by the end of that year in the Northern Hemisphere (i.e. on December 21th)


To me, the interesting part in that information is mainly the 3,600 year lapse of time for its return to Earth. This because 3,600 is an emblematic cyclic number, i.e. a multiple of 9.


For example, the old incas, the great ancient civilization in South America, claimed that there have been four worlds, each 3,600 years long (all ended by a great cataclysm or "pachacuti"). This doctrine of four successsive "worlds" or "suns", (cyclic ages) was always present not only in the Americas but also in the rest of the world; and though with different names and variations in the lenghts of the ages and with just a few exceptions, they were mostly expressed with circular numbers, i. e. multiple of 9 as well.


So it is most likely that they are all just symbolic numbers, and that the lenghts expressed by them are only approximate. Now apart from a possible Earth's pole shift in the past (and probably in the future too) there are other interesting possibilities with regard to our planet, like the claim that it was not tilted (as is now) during the first age or "Golden Age" of the present Manvantara, the current global human cycle: that is, that it traveled perfectly vertical around the Sun in a perfectly circular orbit (and not oblongue as is now), therefore enjoying an "eternal spring" in the Hyperborean or polar region which was the dwelling of the primordial human race, with the sun showing just above the horizon and perpetually circling it (of course, only in appearance).


Naturally, there is always the possibility that these shifts of both the earth's poles and its tilt are regularly triggered by a planetary body travelling the space depths. I feel inclined to think, however, that the main cause is metaphysical, that is, that the progressive alienation of man from his Creator in the course of time cyclically provokes such phenomenom. In this sense, some authors believe that the fall of man as mentioned in the scriptures was in fact that of Lucifer, as stated in Isaiah 14: 12-15:


"How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! [...] For thou hast said in thine heart [...]: I will sit upon the mount of the congregation, in the side of the North…"


Was Isaiah referring to the North Pole? And, is Lucifer another name for Planet X? Or vice versa?


Just speculating of course.


Thank you,


Luis Miguel Goitizolo



"Sun Stone"

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