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Ancient Monuments

The more one studies ancient monuments, in particular those of the auroral societies, the more one perceives that the use they were supposedly intended for never crossed the minds of their designers. To say, for example, as the majority of archeologists and other so-called experts say, that the monuments and all that they contained was mostly used in the cult of their gods looks more like an excuse for their ignorance of the real purpose, as everything about them mainly points to an astrological / astronomical use around which the ancients' religion mostly gravitated.


In effect, all of them, including the Great Pyramid and Stonehenge in the Old World, and Teotihuacan and Caral in the New, were mainly intended as astronomical observatories at the time they were built. Other uses could of course include their functioning as temples and schools of mysteries, tombs, etcetera, but their first and foremost purpose was always the study of the stars, which involved reproducing their movements by means of sacred dances and processions that periodically were crowned by rites of initiation. This general observation of the sky constituted a "yang" or masculine aspect versus, and complementing, the more particular study of the earth's "yin" or feminine aspect mainly for divination, or "geomantic," purposes. (Please forgive me if I repeat some of the ideas already advanced here and elsewhere or even copy and paste a few fragments of my posts on other forums in my desire to make they sink.) 



Intihuatana Stone (the "Sun Hitching Stone") atop Machupicchu in Cuzco, Peru. Used during the late Inca Empire as a citadel and residence of
the Inca Royal families, Machupicchu very likely was already an
auroral city and civilization several millennia before that 
(photo: Archives)



In this way, the latitude of a site became, in my opinion, the main factor not only in the astrological interrelations affecting its fortune, but mainly in the progression of the seasons in the course of a year, and in the determination of the exact date of the solstices and equinoxes affecting the general area and the labor in the fields. This latter aspect of course involved the knowledge of the precession of the equinoxes and other cosmic cycles and, still more important, the length of the cyclic ages and the likely dates of cataclysmic events that could affect a city or region or, for that matter, the entire planet in the course of lengthy periods of hundreds, even thousands of years.


Kalasasaya Temple in Tiahuanaco, Bolivia. Tiahuanaco 
was very likely directly descended from Atlantis 
(photo: Archives)


As to the second and more particular feminine aspect, it of course speaks to reason that the place where a city or a monumental building was erected would make the geomantic aspect a most important one, as a good location over underground streams would ensure higher electromagnetic qualities. My idea is, these underground streams, which broadly follow the magnetic lines' longitudinal course, would determine the geomantic qualities of the site including the land productivity, and in certain cases how well it could perform as a stargate. In this connection, many megalithic buildings interspersed in the North of Europe and in Great Britain, for example, have been found to follow the Earth's magnetic lines which usually mark the course of such streams. But in general terms, both longitude and latitude combined, determining the geomantic plus the astrological qualities, would determine how well this or that site could perform as stargates.


In my country, near my place of residence, there are important remains of an ancient city from pre-Inca times that features, in some of its main building rooms, tall vertical niches where if you step in you will distinctly hear, strongly amplified, every word, murmur and whisper uttered from within any niches in other rooms - however remote. It is an eerie experience that I personally have tried. They function as interphones in a huge residential building.


Another ancient monument in the Andean mountain region of my country features a similar niche on its facade that rather looks like, but is not, a door - only an imposing niche in the wall with no opening that you can enter through. Located on a solitary spot in a high desolate area, the monument possess a rare beauty but does not seem built by human hands. It could be just a rocky formation carved out by the winds over millennia, but what about the niche? It looks like it was cut and then finished out using sophisticated electric tools - a niche that on top of functioning as an interphone that can communicate to even remote locales, is regarded by shamans and special visitors alike as a portal to higher dimensions.


If it is like this in these relatively minor sites, then you can just imagine how it is apt to be in larger and more important archeological sites both in my country and in Mayan and Aztec lands, more to the North of the continent, where the huge compound of Teotihuacan not only used to be a great observatory and a scale model of the Solar system itself but, in fact, controlled an immense area in Mesoamerica many centuries ago. Then in territories of Asia and Africa in the Old World, where civilizations like the Sumerian and the Egyptian flourished millennia ago and the Great Pyramid of Giza and other awesome monuments were in all probability great observatories as well. And finally in the North of Europe, where the mysterious Stonehenge watched the stars age after age.



Teotihuacan - 
View of the Avenue of the Dead and the 
Pyramid of the Sun, from the Pyramid of the Moon 
(photo: Wikipedia)


Spanning over immense distances, all of these extraordinary realizations of remote ages seem to have been strangely interconnected like Internet portals over a no less immense grid that virtually covered our entire planet. They were built by people that shared a commanding knowledge of the earth and the skies. Their astounding scientific achievements make us wonder whether they were in fact wiser than we are. In many ways, they were far, far better people than we are - for one thing, in their love and respect of Mother Earth. And they were obsessed with a need to know all about cosmic cycles and ages... and the end times.


Many years later, in fact centuries and millennia later, it is known that the Masonic masters who planned and built many of the auroral cities in the United States and elsewhere in the American continent were also in command of the arcane sciences of the earth and the skies, since the hermetic tradition, to which their were ascribed in the first place, was itself derived from the primordial tradition that seems to have been at the root of all ancient civilizations. They are also known to have been involved in reproducing the movements of the stars by means of sacred dances and processions periodically crowned by rites of initiation. And we know that among their other, many interests, which included astrology and the sciences of divination, they were as well obsessed with the knowledge of cosmic cycles and ages... and the end times. Need I say more? They were performing, or at least simulating, the timeless rites of a cosmic religion.


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Aramu Muru's Doorway in Hayu Marca, Peru
(See more information about it 






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