Hi, my name is Luis Miguel Goitizolo. This site presents excerps from my book The Wheel of Time - A Study in the Doctrine of Cosmic Cycles. It also presents articles inspired in it and in other, similar interests.

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Dear Friend,

Ever since I was
a youth I was fascinated by Oriental wisdom and particularly by the Hindu doctrines. However, it was not until a few years ago that I undertook the task of studying the ancient doctrine of cosmic cycles from different perspectives, though mainly using the most relevant sacred texts from all around the world. In time, I felt the urge to write a book about my studies in that matter in my mother tongue, Spanish, which I titled "La rueda del tiempo" (in English, "The Wheel of Time"). It is excerpts of that book and other original articles dealing with similar topics which I will start publishing through this medium as of today.

More recently, after some years as a networker promoting various programs, I decided to translate my book into English, a task that was successfully completed a few months ago. And over the past weeks and months I have been publishing excerpts of this translation, as well as other original articles in English that also deal with similar topics, on various online media of the United States and other countries.


Thank You,


Luis Miguel Goitizolo
Lima - Perú




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The Book

The fragments in this page were all translated and edited from my book "La rueda del tiempo" (in English, "The Wheel of Time") which will hopefully be published in both hard and paperback cover very soon.

Some excerpts from the book, in both English and Spanish, can also be found in my blog here. (NOTE: Now you may also click HERE or on the book cover for the complete text in both English and Spanish.)




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